In-store & curb-side pick-up available.

Delivery is also available to local residents, please call for details 917-627-9151


THURSDAY - SUNDAY 9:30am - 5:30pm


Prior to Covid reaching America, Rebecca Wright had already had the idea of starting a socially impactful company which her teenage daughters could practically run. It was to be in service of Stone Acres Farm, adjacent to her mid-century Stonington home and on whose board she proudly sits. Formerly working long hours as an executive in health, wellness and music back in New York, she anticipated a summer of half- days at their farm stand, closing up after the veggies sold out to head to the beach.


Little did she know that her timeline would be accelerated by a lock-down in NY and a sudden, semi-permanent move with her family from NY to CT. Overnight, her plans (and mission) seemed more critical.  Stone Acres lost it’s wedding and event revenue, but farms such as it were buoyed on the retail front by an increase in demand for food that was local and shopping that was small and uncrowded. To provide an outlet for those small farms in the corner of CT and RI seemed a very worthy place for her daughters and her to put their energy. They decided to name it after their great great grandfathers, with a nod toward their family’s textile mill in Warren, MA: William Wright and Co.


The model evolved as the needs of Watch Hill in quarantine were better understood, and those needs aligned perfectly with Becky’s passions: sustainably farmed food and well-made, useful items. A space with the essence of Brooklyn, and some of the very things she missed about it.


The farm ‘stand’ has turned into a ‘farm shop’, connecting local farms to the Watch Hill and Westerly communities. The beautiful thing in this time of fear and uncertainty about transmission, and something that Becky thinks about each day, is that in most cases the bagged produce she sells is touched by only one person: the farmer. In most cases there is no army of pickers -- neither needed or afforded on these small acreages, with no middle agents.


WW & Co. strives to educate its customers about the benefits, to one’s body and to one’s land, of eating recently picked and responsibly farmed food. To pay attention to the quality of what goes ON as well as IN one’s body. We value proximity and safety, with a little luxury thrown in for good measure. Also found riding shotgun: a few teens with real grit and determination, working in front of and behind the scenes.